What We Do

Fortified provides information technology management, consulting, and support services to businesses of all sizes.  We offer cost effective solutions to manage IT infrastructure though our use of advanced IT service management capabilities, automation, and highly trained engineers.  Our team works around the clock to monitor, manage, and support your organization.  We also work tirelessly to develop new methods and solutions to improve your performance and success.

Our Approach

At Fortified, our approach is to implement technical solutions with an emphasis on security, stability, efficiency, and scalability.  We work with a wide range of companies whose environments vary wildly in complexity, most of which are under regulatory compliance.

Security – Every day, we hear news of companies whose networks have become compromised.  Identity theft is all too common and damage control can be expensive.  Banks, hospitals, and all other corporations that store sensitive information are high profile targets.  We work to keep your networks, data, and systems safe, secure, and HIPAA / PCI / HITECH compliant.

Stability – Simply put, time is money.  A workforce crippled by failed systems can suffer substantial revenue loss.  Our years of experience have led us to form partnerships with proven hardware and software vendors to ensure your environment continues to function as intended.

Efficiency – Work can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  Built on industry standards, our methods and procedures have been developed to streamline business functions and keep workflows moving rapidly.  As we all know, this directly effects the bottom line.

Scalability – Businesses grow.  We implement technical solutions that grow along with you, ensuring it is easily expandable to accommodate extra users, higher network traffic, additional hardware, and updated software.

How We Got Here

After decades of working within information technology management, support, and enterprise system administration, Fortified was created to respond to the growing demand for true enterprise class solutions within the small to medium sized business market.

Strategic Partnerships